What Is the SMN?

The Sand Management Network (SMN) is an ever-expanding group of upstream Oil and Gas related companies that have come together to tackle sand management related issues.

The main purpose is to "Communicate successful methods and gaps of managing sand in the North Sea and Globally to allow the continued development and operation of onshore and offshore fields".

The Sand Management Network Vision:

  • To enhance the management of sand worldwide. 

  • A collaborative network community dedicated to knowledge sharing to promote effective sand management.

The Sand Management Network has been set up to address key issues including:

  • Sanding Prediction

  • Sand Monitoring

  • Topside Management

  • Sand Control

  • Intelligent Systems

  • Focus on Global Sand Management Issues

In addressing these issues, the network is focused on:

  • Exchanging ideas on sand management technology use and effectiveness

  • Communicating sand management related future field development and operation business needs/gaps

  • Communicating sand management strategies for field and infill development and field operation

  • Developing a high-level sand management selection process using best in class techniques, procedures and equipment

  • Highlighting technology gaps/required R&D to reduce costs per barrel (by either improving recovery or reducing well/operating cost)

  • Focus on Global Sand Management Issues

The Sand Management Network's Mission:

To promote opportunities for professionals to enhance their technical knowledge and contact base within an exclusive and secure community whose mission is to identify, capture, validate and improve sand management methodologies, strategies and technologies to allow the continued development and operation of onshore and offshore fields in the Global Oil and Gas industry.

More About The Network

SMN facilitates a specialised and expert community on the advancement of knowledge on sand management technologies, processes and strategies and drives projects based on members needs.

The Network currently consists of Operators, Service Companies and Universities.

The Network holds events and meetings where the latest research, case studies, strategies and technologies applied in sand management are presented, discussed and shared. The mixture of operators and supplier members on one hand and the University research and Industry application on the other, give different perspectives on related issues.

These knowledge sharing opportunities also create the right atmosphere to question industry experts during relatively informal discussion sessions.

Our Members' Zone

This website is accessible to all to find out more about the network and book onto events.

Only our network members have access to the SMN Library (featuring forum presentations and videos since 2002), a contacts Database and the SMN Discussion forum.