Call for Abstracts – Technology Forums 2023

Call for Abstracts

The Sand Management Network invites you to submit a presentation abstract for the upcoming technology forums.

Your company need not be members of the Sand Management Network to make a presentation.

Submitting Abstracts

Please send your abstract (maximum 200 words) to the Sand Management Network Manager by email to [email protected].

Details on all both events and deadlines are listed below.

Non-member presentations welcome!

  • The actual presentation will be required at least two days in advance of the workshop for review. Given we are online this gives us a back up in case of any technical issues.

  • It must not include a ‘sales pitch’ for your organisation, we welcome case studies, lessons learnt or data based presentations

  • Presentations will be posted on the members only website in PDF format after the event with your consent.


New Processes for Technology and Efficiency in Sand Management

Thursday 6 April 2023 - Aberdeen, Scotland

Presentations could include:

  • New approaches to the quantification of sand volumes

  • New methods for measuring solid’s volumes in

  • Quantifying the conditions for sand mobilisation at the wellbore

  • New sand production prediction methods for
    cased and perforated completions

  • Recent progress in sand detection techniques

  • Advances in predicting sand production

  • Using production surveillance data to predict sand control failure

Deadline for abstracts - Wednesday 1 March 2023

Beyond Oil and Gas - Sand Control

Thursday 25 May 2023 - Bergen, Norway

Presentations could include:

  • Well remediation

  • Carbon Capture - Sand Control in Carbon Capture Wells, design challenges for Sand Control in aquifers or depleted gas reservoirs, aspects of geomechanics, etc.

  • CO2 injection

  • Mineral mining (e.g., Lithium Brine)

  • Geothermal Wells - Sand Control in Geothermal wells, designing for high flow rate and high temperature, aspects of geomechanics, etc.

  • Hydrogen Storage wells - Sand Control in H2
    Storage wells, cyclical loading, and effect on sand control design, designing for high flow rate and high screen velocities, aspects of geomechanics, etc.

  • Screen Erosion

Deadline for abstracts - Wednesday 18 December 2022



Sand Management Network Manager, Katrina Dunbar

Email: [email protected]

Teleophone: 01224 900035 or 07764 446939

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