Join the Sand Management Network

If your company is in the oil and gas sector and sand management is an issue, you need to be in the Sand Management Network for Phase 11.

Companies are invited to join now for Phase 11 of the Sand Management Network, based in Aberdeen but with a global reach. This phase runs from January 2023 to December 2024.

What is the Sand Management Network?

  • The only industry body dedicated to sharing knowledge about sand management in the oil and gas industry – a not-for-profit organisation.
  • Current members include 11 Operators, 20 Service companies, 4 Universities and The Oil and Gas Authority (OGA).
  • The SMN offers companies the chance to meet regularly to learn and share knowledge.
  • Our website holds a vast library of specialist presentations which only Sand Management
    Network members can access, dating back to the start of the network in 2002.
  • Open to all corporate organisations which would add value and benefit from joining the network

Why Be in the Network?

The Sand Management Network enables your company to benefit from others’ experience. At a time when budgets are still being challenged, this industry collaboration is particularly important. It reduces needlessly duplicated errors and enables you to benefit from the best practices of others. By sharing knowledge, the Network aims to push forward the boundaries of effective sand management.

Activities in Phase 11

  • Technology Awareness sessions, held at members premises.
  • Online events with networking.
  • Live streaming and recording of events.
  • Technology Showcase, allowing our members to pitch their products and services.
  • Students Competition, celebrating our up and coming talent.
  • Develop industry best practices for sand management.

Specific benefits to your company of joining the Sand Management Network Phase 11

Participate in events on specific aspects of sand management. We offer live events, online events and Technology Awareness Sessions, hosted by members at their premises. Where possible events are live streamed, recorded and the videos and presentations posted in the members zone afterwards.

For live events, send up to four attendees at no charge, and share your case studies or new technologies at these – either as a presenter or offering a poster.

Online events offer unlimited log in for members, and the chance to ask questions of the presenters.

Play an active part in planning the biennial Sand Management Network and Society of Petroleum Engineers Aberdeen Section Euroforum, Europe’s prime event for sharing benchmark technologies and case studies.

Gain access to the members-only area of the Sand Management Network, a valuable repository of technical presentations and case studies on aspects of sand management.

Network with other members representing operating companies, service companies, universities and the UK’s Oil and Gas Authority.

How to get involved

Not a member already: First, consider if sand management is a part of your company’s activity. Are you willing to share your experiences to help others learn and to advance technologies in the discipline? Complete a short membership questionnaire to confirm this. Then, pay a fee which covers your company for the two year duration of Phase 11 - £5,000 plus VAT at 20% for new members.

Existing member: Continue your membership at a reduced cost of £3,000 plus VAT at 20%

For further information, contact the Network Manager: [email protected]